Exciting News for Fall Music Lessons 2012

August 15, 2012

News for Students

Note: Blog readers – this is a special announcement for parents and students of Evolving Music. No piano teaching tips here, but more coming soon! But feel free to ignore this post unless you’re enrolled here, or you’re just curious :-)

Dear Parents / Students

Beginning September 2012, I will not be able to teach as many lessons as I have in the past. In the last 12 months Evolving Music maintained a studio of about 38 students with a consistent waiting list of about 10+ Unfortunately I will personally only be able to teach in the range of 5-8 students moving forward (I know, its a large drop, but there’s very good news coming! Keep reading…)

Personally, this schedule change comes for many reasons, the most significant being that my other business “Evolving SEO” in which I provide Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing Consulting to clients and businesses has gotten substantially busier in the past 6-8 months. Attempting to essentially maintain the two workloads led to 6 or 7 day work weeks and what I feel was not enough energy nor attention to give either one. Also, the web marketing work has been requiring me to travel (thus cancel lessons) more often, which is also not what’s best for a student’s musical education.

In light of this, I was afraid the only option was to close Evolving Music as keeping the room open for only 2-3 hours of teaching would certainly not make sense. But because I believe very strongly in the education of my students and that Holden is a convenient location for so many people, we have come up with an alternative that I am VERY excited to announce!

…here’s where all the good news begins!

The Worcester Academy of Music (who I have been recommending people to for 6-8 months) will have two teachers travel to Evolving Music every week to teach piano lessons! This will begin September 1st 2012. I chose Worcester Academy of Music because we share similar teaching values, I have been recommending waiting list students go to them for 6-8 months with only good things to say – and they are a young business with a lot going on and a ton of energy to devote towards music education.

I believe this to be a win-win-win situation for many reasons;

  • Current Evolving Music students can continue to receive exceptional music lessons at the same location.
  • In many cases these teachers (Dawn and Hansani) may provide even better lessons than I can at this point. They teach, perform, study and compose music all of the time. They have degrees in music and impressive accomplishments. Sadly, I do not perform, compose or practice music anymore (aside from banging on the drums a bit). They are both regarded as being amazing with kids.
  • Evolving Music students who switch to lessons with a teacher from Worcester Academy of Music will benefit from all of the things you get by being enrolled at a complete music school with more to offer. They have special programs, recitals, events and resources that I simply don’t have here running Evolving Music by myself.
  • This leaves enormous potential for future music education growth in Holden. Worcester Academy of Music has full use of the space here at Evolving Music to eventually offer lessons for other instruments or even group/band lessons. The degree to which they do this is of course up to them but certainly there’s potential for some great music education in Holden. It’s definitely far more than I could offer at this point.

Details and Logistics – here’s how we’re planning on making the transition in the next few weeks as we move into the Fall.

  1. You will receive a personal email from me, making an introduction to Sarah Kelly. Sarah is the owner of Worcester Academy of Music. The email will briefly introduce you and make a suggestion of who the best teacher might be.
  2. Anyone taking lessons with Worcester Academy of Music teachers will do all scheduling directly through Sarah Kelly.
  3. Worcester Academy of Music will be holding a special open house for Evolving Music students. This open house will take place Wednesday August 29th from 6:30-8:00pm. Both teachers, Dawn and Hansani, including myself will be there. You’ll have a chance to meet them and check out the school.
  4. Worcester Academy of Music will hold a formal open house Saturday September 8th from 11:00am-2:00pm. This is the open house they hold each year. Includes an instrument petting zoo!!
  5. I will be present during lessons (popping in and out) during the first few weeks of September. It is important to me that any students who may have a new teacher feel comfortable and get introduced appropriately.

I’m sure you may still have some questions. I’m going to try and anticipate/answer a few of them here – but please ask your questions in the comments and I will respond!

Do I have to go find another teacher?
Nope! Not all all! I have personally made this arrangement with Sarah at Worcester Academy of Music to have two of their teachers travel to Holden. All current Evolving Music students will have a teacher for the Fall. In an email, I will introduce you to Sarah and make a recommendation for who the best teacher may be. We’re making the switch as easy for you as possible. You will receive an email in the next few days (around August 17-18) with more details.

Will payment remain the same?
For students who will be taking lessons from Worcester Academy of Music teachers, they will handle all payment and contracts. They have near-exact pricing for lessons as Evolving Music. For the 6-8 students with me, you will remain with the current payment plan.

How will you decide who to teach?
This is certainly not easy because I care for and enjoy each and every student, especially those I have known for a while. But liking a student vs. deciding what’s best for their music education are two separate things. I will definitely miss all students who would be better with another teacher. In short, I will be recommending students who take drums to stay with me, since there are no other drum teachers. I will also be recommending students stay who have had a high interest in jazz/improv, composition and music production stay with me. These are certainly the areas I am strongest in and have the highest level of passion for as well.

Dawn and Hansani are very good with working with younger students and they are best suited for students who are working through method books and learning classical and pop music. Meeting a new piano teacher always leave a little uncertainty, but they come specifically recommended from me, and I will be here to help make warm introductions.

Please know its not an easy decision, but it will be made with the student’s musical education as the most important factor!

Will you be around/accessible?
Yes! If students move to another teacher, they will still be coming to the Evolving Music location. I will be very much around the beginning of September. I will be involved in events like recitals. I will be here and happy to answer questions anyone might have about their lessons. Still here to help with music education in Holden, just not teaching 20+ hours each week.

Do you know the schedule of Fall lessons, who will teach when?
Not 100% yet but we’re working on it. Sarah Kelly is finalizing the schedule of her teachers now. We’re both looking at a pretty “available” schedule… likely Mondays-Saturdays or Tuesdays-Saturdays. If anything, there should be more room for scheduling now.

When I introduce you to Sarah via email, she will then take scheduling from there.

So next, wait to receive an email from me in the next few days giving you specific details regarding your lessons. I truly think this is an exciting improvement to the quality of music lessons offered here in Holden!

Remember, leave any comments of questions below…


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