AWESOME Note Reading Game for iPhone / Online – “Note Squish”

August 19, 2011

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note squish review, note reading gameI’ve been using a note reading game on my iPhone for several months, called “Note Squish” with some impressive results. In the video, I’ll explain a little bit about the game, and then you’ll get to see a student playing it. I’ve tried many different note reading games on my iPhone, but this one really is the best (unless I missed one). There are several things I like about it. First of all, it’s actually FUN! The sound effects and graphics are engaging. Second, you can easily scale up or down the level and challenge by choosing which notes to display, or adjusting the speed of the game (slow, medium and fast).

You can visit to find these games online, and you can get the game for your iPhone here.

As for other games, I was told by the creator of the game: “There are several apps that work for piano: Note squish, Note fish, Woody Says, The Melody Game, Super Scale Trainer, Music Theory Blocks, Ear Tester, and Key Hunt. All those either have a piano mode or teach more general concepts.” Very cool! I will definitely be trying some of the other ones out myself.

Its only $19.95 a YEAR for the online version, and this gives you access to ALL the games on You can try all the games for FREE for one month. The iPhone app of note squish is only 99 cents. If you do sign up for an online version through this link, I would receive a small affiliate commission for sharing it with you. But since I do no advertising on this site, and put in many hours of extra time, if you REALLY like the game and don’t mind using my link, that would be great! If you choose not to, you can just go directly to without the link.

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3 Responses to “AWESOME Note Reading Game for iPhone / Online – “Note Squish””

  1. Luba Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Dan! My students will definitely enjoy this. And I’m going drill my alto clef a bit :-)


  1. Tips on How To Start Teaching Piano | Evolving Music Education - September 25, 2011

    [...] (Caveat: this is general advise. I’ve found ages 7 and under to be a grey area where the status quo might be being able to follow along in the book by pointing, while slowly learning note reading. They may learn more by a combination of ear, memory and rote at this age, but you always want to help shift them towards real note reading as they mature and become ready. You may place emphasis on singing along and imitation. if you start a young student, and they can’t read notes at all, get them in the My First Piano Adventure books and follow the activities provided. This age group has done very well with the Note Squish note-reading game.) [...]